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The history process of writing the evangelism in Sentani was started through the survey by a missionary name Godlief Lodwyk Bink (G.LBink) within his journey from Ron Island, Wondama area in 1892.

When Godlief Lodwyk Bink visited Yotefa Bay, he heard news that there was an inhabitant who lived behind the hill and there was a big lake that is occupied by Papuans, they called those people ì SENTANI ì, which means they are mean people who like to be at war. From that day Sentani is used as a termed for the big lake and people who lived around it.

G.L.Bink visited Sentani and tried to find the living method of the people in Sentani. He called this lake ì SENTANI LAKE ì. Because at that time sentani people called themselves as ì PHU YAKHA / PHUYAKA YO, he wanted those people to hear the gospel and know the Salvation through the Christ righteousness.  And then, G.L.Bink and Kribink told Zending that he was visited Sentani Lake, and start from that day, the power of Gospel starting to break through all the walls of the Sentani people houses and even through the every heart of the Sentani custom leaders and His people who always hope for the peace and the Love of God. Near the ì ROBONGHOLO î Mountain at that time the Gospel was freely accepted in Sentani.

Famay Yakadewa who sent by God to spread the Gospel to people who lived around Sentani Lake and it became bigger everyday until Sentani Land. Famay sent through the valley, the hills hike the Cycloop Mountain and ended in Sentani Lake. At that moment, Famay crossed the Lake and lived in Ajau. Officially, the gospel came into Yakonde Village on May 1st 1962, and Matias Apaseray was the gospel messenger at that time. And Daud Pakade brought the gospel in middle Sentani area in ajau Island on May 1st 1927, and Kakisina spread the gospel on Juky 1st 1928 in West Sentani area in Asei village.

A. Klasis Organization History

At Cendrawasih Bay, the first pastor who came was Pastor Byker in Holandia and he worked there, and later on Pastor Shneyder came to help the service in Holandia until the Resort formation was made in 1945 – 1966. There was only one Klasis at that time, after a few years the Klasis divided into two Klasis, those were Sentani Klasis and Pantai Klasis. Not quite long after that, they divided the Klasis into four groups: Jayapura Klasis, Sentani Klasis, Nimboran Klasis, and Tanah Merah Klasis.

In 1926 - 1928: Preparation periods

1956: GKI separated itself

In 1956 - 1971: GKI structural is the congregation, Resort and Am synods.

In 1971 - 1984: GKI structural is the congregation, Klasis, Resort and Am synods.

In 1984 – 2011: GKI structural is the congregation, Klasis and Am synod.

In 1962, the church’ development went well, but then the church experienced the feverishness in leadership when the Dutchmen took the action of going back to their land. At that time many congregation teachers threw away their responsibilities. For filled up those positions. The congregations did the appointment and chose the servicers from the church elders to help the services.

Meanwhile, The Resort Synod Leadership:

1. Pastor Shneider: In 1928 - 1936

2. Pastor Hoogerwoord: In 1936 - 1942

3. Pastor Kabel Pasalbesi: In1945 - 1954

4. Pastor Liboran: In 1955 - 1966

B. Klasis Formation

Pastor Yosua Yoku went to the Klasis for asking them to divided the Klasis and at that time Klasis was divided into two groups, Klasis Sentani leading by Pastor S. Liboran and Klasis Pantai was leading by Pastor K.Pasarbesi.  In 1956, the development was running very fast and better, so the Klasis decided to develop 4 Klasis. Which are  Klasis Jayapura and Klasis Sentani were combined as one Klasis only. Klasis Nimboran and Klasis Tanah Merah stand by themselves. In 1970’s, there was a problem about one leader leads two Klasis, Pastor Okoka moved from Nimboran/Genyem to serve in Klasis Sentani and later on he thought that Klasis Sentani have to be separated from Klasis Jayapura in 1962. And Pastor Okoka was asked to lead Klasis Sentani. In 1970, Mr. Yosua Yoku became a pastor and served in Memberamo, Wamena. And when he came back to Sentani, Resort was dismissed. It had three levels, which are congregation, Klasis, Resort and Synod. And in 1970 they divided into 2 levels only: the congregation level, Klasis and Synod level. And also in 1970 Klasis Sentani stands by itself.


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